On Being A Senior Engineer


senior engineer不仅在技术能力上要强,在工程实践以及团队协作上也要表现出成熟。这种成熟主要体现在自我管理和团队管理上。


The Ten Commandments of Egoless Programming 编程中避免过于自我的十条戒律(侧重自我管理)

Dirty secret: mature engineers know the importance of (sometimes irrational) feelings people have. (gasp!) 成熟的工程师可以可以感受人们的情绪,并且理解这些情绪的重要性。

How people feel about technologies, technical decisions, and technical directions is just as important (if not more) than the facts about the details. Mature engineers know this, and adjust accordingly. Again, being empathetic can help you understand how another person on your team feels about a technical decision, even if they themselves don’t have an easy time articulating why they feel that way.

Mature engineers understand this phenomenon when making a case to use technology that carries baggage, even if it’s irrational. Convincing a group to use tools and patterns that they aren’t comfortable with isn’t a straightforward task. The “right tool for the job” maxim also has (sometimes unquantifiable) comfortability as a parameter.

For an illustration of how people’s emotions drive technical decisions and opinions, read any flame war about anything, ever.

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets credit.”

This quote is commonly attributed to Harry S. Truman, but it looks like it might have first been said by a Jesuit priest in a different form. In any case, this is another indication you’re working with a mature engineer: they hold the success of the project much higher than the potential praise they may get personally for working on it. The attribution of praise or credit can be the source of such dysfunction in an engineering-driven organization, and I believe it’s because it’s largely invisible. (功劳分配机制会导致组织的功能失调)