Microservices - Not A Free Lunch!


This popularity is partly off the back of trends such as Cloud, DevOps and Continuous Delivery coming together as enablers for this kind of approach, and partly off the back of great work at companies such as Netflix who have very visibly applied the pattern to great effect.(Microservice兴起一部分原因是它依赖于云,DevOps,持续交付等新兴技术,另外一部分原因是一些公司比如Netflix使用它获得巨大成功)很明显大部分公司不是Netflix这样的体量

Let me say up front that I am a fan of the approach. Microservices architectures have lots of very real and significant benefits:(看看MS的一些优点)

I am currently involved in architecting a system based around Microservices, and whilst the individual services are very simple, a lot of complexity exists at a higher level level in terms of managing these services and orchestrating business processes throughout them. (复杂性来自于上层,包括如何管理服务以及和协调业务流程)