Learn to stop using shiny new things and love MySQL


They have awesome new ideas with down-to-earth technical requirements, so I kept wondering why they choose this shiny (and risky) new stuff when all they need is a good ol’ trustworthy database. I think it’s because many assume that building the latest and greatest needs the latest and greatest! 人们通常认为实现最新需求就要用最新技术

It turns out that’s only one of three bad reasons (traps) why people go for the shiny and new. Reason two is people mistakenly assume older stuff is slow, not feature rich or won’t scale. “MySQL is sluggish,” they say. “Java is slow,” I’ve heard. “Python won’t scale,” they claim. None of it’s true. 第二个原因则是因为他们错误地认为旧技术已经完全过时淘汰了。

The third reason people go for shiny is because older tech isn’t advertised as aggressively as newer tech. The younger companies needs to differentiate from the old guard and be bolder, more passionate and promise to fulfill your wildest dreams. But most new tech sales pitches aren’t generally forthright about their many failure modes. 第三个原因则是新技术为了能够表现突出,在宣传上比旧技术要投入更多,然而他们对自己许多失败(落后)之处却避而不谈。

Through the gauntlet, two of the most important lessons I learned building Pinterest were: (不要过早地瞎JB折腾,还是选择简单实在一些的技术吧!)

To help guide us and our choices, we built a set of questions to apply to every different technology: (如何做技术产品的选型)

If you’re starting or growing a company, and your scale is smaller than huge, consider maturity to be your most important factor aside from basic requirements. Ask yourself — does MySQL sufficiently meet my needs? If so, use it. If you’re wondering if MySQL will be fast enough, the answer is YES. Even better than fast, MySQL’s performance will be consistent.

So I’ve wailed away on a bunch of technologies, but I seem to have a near-romantic thing for MySQL. I’d like to take a moment to mention that MySQL, while mature, does not solve all your problems. Sometimes you’ll have to venture away from the comforting warming glow of maturity.(还有一些问题是MySQL搞不定的,这时候你就必须选择离开社区,去寻找其他解决方案了)