In-House Programmer

毕业以后,Joel先在微软公司干了一段日子,然后回到纽约,进入维亚康母公司[Viacom],为这家巨型的娱乐传播公司编写软件,成为IT部门里一个程序员[in-house programmer]。后来,Joel回忆起来,认为这是他一生中最痛苦的日子,并且劝告计算机系的学生尽可能不要去做”in-house programmer”。原因有三个:

不幸的是,80%的程序员属于这一类,年复一年,很多人的生命就是这样被耗干的。[it’s frightening because this is what probably 80% of programming jobs are like, and if you’re not very, very careful when you graduate, you might find yourself working on in-house software, by accident, and let me tell you, it can drain the life out of you…]