How to build your personal brand as a new developer


My company was recruiting for several positions and had received a large number of applications. To my surprise, I saw my boss Googling applicant’s names to evaluate their online presence.

My boss was using this as a way of looking for positive contributions and information. He wasn’t browsing Facebook trying to find out what the candidate does on a Friday night. He was more interested in:
- Did the applicant have a blog?
- Any special interests?
- Any passion projects outside of work?

I’m sure at other companies though, this could well be a different story.


Start and maintain a blog

Sign up for a Twitter account

Be consistent across all platforms

在各个平台上的展现信息应该尽可能地一致,包括logo, slogan, image, name等等各种个人信息。

When you think of any brand, no doubt you will associate it with a particular logo, slogan or image. This is exactly the same when evaluating your personal brand.

Make sure that you have the same profile picture and bio across all platforms. I made the mistake of having a different profile picture on Medium to what I had on Twitter. People didn’t immediately associate the two. Your aim is for people to recognize you and your personal brand no matter what the platform.

You ARE a developer

可能你只是一个业余开发者,或者是你现在正在学习如何开发,但是无论如何,你都应该对外宣称自己是developer. 几个原因:

What exactly does Junior even mean anyway?

和上面一定要声称自己是"developer"之外,一定不要称自己是"junior developer". 因为这完全没有意义

Seriously though, junior has no meaning. It comes down to an individual’s perception. A junior developer could be someone with little to no work experience. But what if that person has been writing code in their spare time for the past 10 years? Are they junior then? Or someone could have a few years commercial experience yet still not be very good?

If you’re referring to yourself as a junior developer, stop. It’s not doing you any favors. You are limiting your employment potential. What company or recruiter is going to consider a “junior” when they are advertising for a mid-level developer role?

You don’t want them to say: “Hang on a minute. You meet all the job criteria and have several years experience. But sorry, we aren’t looking for a junior.”

If you have a niche, emphasize it


Tidy up your Github account


My advice — being active on GitHub is great, but if you are never going to finish those projects, delete them. You need to make sure that any hiring manager or recruiter is seeing the projects that you have completed and the ones that you are proud of — not the ones that you “were meaning to work on but didn’t have time to.”

Passion vs. Experience

对于用人单位来说,Passion和Experience哪个比较重要呢?答案是 Passion

Hire the inexperienced programmer with a passion for the craft. A passionate programmer will learn quickly, care about their work and enjoy doing it. I’ve worked with both types of programmers and I would always hire the passionate type over the experienced.

People who don’t care about their work eventually lead to problems in quality as well as in meeting deadlines.

Since you explicitly state that you have the resources to train someone, this is a no brainer. Hire the passionate programmer.