An Impact Guide for Engineers



There are a lot of other ways to impact the company, so long as they tie to those goals:

Not everything is measurable. While not everything is measurable, you should cultivate a bias towards measuring.

看看下面这个例子,你可能会更加明白为什么要关注measurement和impact. impact和measurement可以说是孪生兄弟。

Without thinking about the impact you’re having, you might just be wasting your and other people’s time.

Thinking about impact throughout the product creation process takes different forms.

Consider what your company’s performance reviews emphasize. Do you get rewarded for motion (shipping), or for progress (impact)?

The goal is to reward people who make good decisions. Some luck is involved in everything we do, but think about the following two people’s performance over 3 consecutive performance review cycles. The Engineer’s Engineer:

The “Lucky” Engineer:

No one is THAT lucky. The “Lucky” engineer is making some smart choices. She’s picking the right projects, she’s finding ways to verify if something is worth doing, she’s evaluating work with the end result in mind.

The Engineer’s Engineer is wasting some amazing technical capabilities on the wrong things.


Our definition of failure might differ:

I don’t punish failure. I reward taking risk and success. Making the right choices and executing well will give you a much higher chance of success.