A Guide to Making Your Science Matter



第一步就是告诉大众“你们为什么要关心我的研究”,就是"So What?"。不同的受众关注点是不同的,所以你给出的答案也是不同的。


第二步是从"So What?"出发,设计出自己的message box. 一个完整的message box包括5个部分:




在科普文章中使用技术术语,虽然可以达到教育大众的目的,但是我们要知道大众其实对这些技术术语并不感兴趣, 他们感兴趣的还是"So what". 过分使用技术术语是有风险的,科研工作者一定要知道自己的目的是什么。

When we talk about how most audiences lack the background to understand the language of their work, many scientists respond by asking, But isn't this an opportunity to educate?This is a reasonable reaction. But by putting yourself in the role of educator, you run the risk of trying to impart, explain, and define so much new information that your core message can be lost in the process. When you speak to a room of college freshmen your goal is bring them, however incrementally, a bit closer to your level of understanding of a sprawling and complex body of knowledge. When you speak to a journalist, policymaker, or other educated nonscientist however, your goal is to make them understand a message in the context of why it matters.